Gray Skull Arc Flash Resistant and Fire Retardant Lite Balaclava

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Keep safe while maintaining style with our arc flash resistant balaclava

This "Skully" neck gaiter was one of the first forays into printing graphics on arc flash resistant accessories and clothing. Last year, our supplier had some extra gray fabric and decided to print a limited run of gray "Skully's" for Amazon. They sold like crazy. Now, there's a LIMITED SUPPLY available through the EIR store. 

The arc flash resistant and fire retardant lite balaclava solves a lot of problems identified with other balaclavas. It's maneuverable. It's thin. You can pull it below your chin and back on your nose and it will stay in place. It is never itchy and wicks moisture.

This lite balaclava is made in the USA from an inherently flame resistant blend of fibers. The material is soft and breathable, never itchy. It fits comfortably under any hard hat and will adjust to the wearer's head & face. The top section is constructed like a skull cap and incorporates a face mask which can pull down below the chin.

Unless you have an extraordinarily large head, well outside the pumpkin index, this is a one size fits all head apparatus. This product comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty, so as long as you do not lose it, we will fix or replace it, guaranteed.

Wind speeds are slower at the ground level due to friction. As height increases so does the speed of the wind. Now imagine you are in a bucket truck, drilling into a creosote pole and the shavings are getting blown into your face. It’s not just windy; this is a debris storm and just one of the reasons to wear an arc and flame resistant Face Muffler. Another reason is that every few months we launch a cool new design on them with limited availability.

By incorporating an asymmetrical stretchable rib panel, the face muffler can fit any size head. If you have a magnum size head, orient the wider rib section toward the top. Regular size heads can wear the Face Muffler as shown here. Made in the USA. Skin Safe. Patent Pending. The face muffler comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee so as long as you do not lose it we will repair or fix it for free.



  • ARC Rating (EBT) = 6.4 cal/cm2
  • HRC/ARC Level 1
  • NFPA 70E Compliant
  • OSHA 1910.269
  • Meets ASTM F1506
  • NESC 2012


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